Jade Plants in Bloom

2007-01-05 001Numerous people tell me they have never seen a Jade Plant Bloom.  We have two large Jade plants; One about 3 feet tall and wide and the other about 4′ high and similar width. We started the largest one from a cutting we got from our Aunt Lillian, probably about 45 years ago. The second one is a cutting from the large one. We now have about thirty smaller ones although we have given many to friends. Maxine has forbidden me to start any more cuttings.

We move the plants from the greenhouse to the patio as soon as the weather is warm enough in the spring. The Jades bloom heavily, Usually about at this time of year, give or take a few weeks. I believe the reason is because Jade plants are tropical. The temperature in the greenhouse at this time of year is cooler than they prefer. The blooms are a self preservation measure on the part of the plants. Moving the plants always causes some ends of the plant to break off because the plants are wider than the doors. We finally figured out how to prevent that problem for  the most part. We take a drop cloth from  my shop and wrap it firmly around the plant. Since the drop cloths are 6′ x 12′, We can make over two rounds on the plant. Jade plants are very brittle but that prevents most breakage except for a few leaves.






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